Pagan Religions, a Diversity Training Guide is the newest version of what was origianlly the Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca. Expanded from its original book on Wicca, this book also includes Heathen and Druid relgions. It is intended as a general overview of these pagan religions. Naturally, there are so many that not all could be included. But certainly the most common ones are covered. Kerr networked extensively with leaders of these relgions checking and rechecking his facts.

Pagan Religions intended to be offered in cases of work place diversity, given to police officers unfamiliar with pagan religious activities or to parents to help when a witch 'comes out of the broom closet'. Written by a former Air Force pilot and 30 year veteran of a large municipal police force, it lends a gravitas that may be needed in these situations.

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