Modern Knighthood completes the cycle begun with Kerr's earlier books on warrior philosophy. It is about personal empowerment and self mastery. Modern Knighthood brings all of the philosophy of the warrior together, showing the reader the cycles of training that interlock with the cycles of the seasons that lead the student through initiatory experiences resulting in self mastery.


Modern Knighthood is an e-book available in all formats. You can soon download it anywhere e-books are sold or go to It sells for $6.99. If you don't have an e-reader, you can buy a PDF version which you can read on your computer. This is Kerr's first venture into the world of e-publishing. Due to the low cost of this book, Kerr asks that you do not give copies away, that is literally stealing from the author and that is not a good way to seek to achieve self-mastery.



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