Intended for the general public, How to Be Glorious is a book on personal empowerment. It takes the work Kerr did before on Warrior philosophy and spirituality and applies it to personal development. It asks the question, "If you are a victim, what do you intend to do about it? Are you going to overcome it or let the forces that abused you win by remaining their victim?" Every victim has to make this choice. You can either remain a victim or you can become a warrior. You can take the fires that burned you and let them temper you instead. In this step-by-step journal, Kerr leads you through the process to discover who you really are, what valuable characteristics and strengths lie unused inside you, and leads you onto the Warrior's path, toward healing and wholeness.

How to be Glorious is an e-book available in all formats. If you don't have an e-reader, you can buy a PDF verson which you can read on your computer. It will also be sold in paperback format for those old-fashioned souls who like the feel of a paper book in their hands. Due to the low cost of this e-book, Kerr asks that you do not share e-copies, that is literally stealing from the author and that is so not the way to be glorious.


To instantly download an e-book version:  Click here.

Paperback copies will be available October 31, 2011 



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