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Being a Warrior doesn't involve inflicting harm on others. A true Warrior wages her battles against herself, challenging herself, meeting her lessons head on, and making the choice to live with responsibility and integrity through right action.

From the preface: "There is an old saying in Karate: Chi ("energy", pronounced "chee") follows I ("intent", pronounced "eee" to rhyme with "see"). This is also a definition of magick: "Causing change by directing energy with one's will. Since the perfect striking technique is 80 to 90 percent chi, one could say that martial arts are really full contact magick."

And that is the point of this book: to help you learn how to raise, channel, use, and ground energy, something everyone, Wiccan or not, could benefit from. The more energy you have available to you, the more effective you will be with your magick. The book is not, as one other reviewer mistakenly implied, a book to teach you how to be a pacifist in contrast to inflicting harm on others. Only weak, immature cowards feel the need to inflict harm on others in an attempt to achieve their goals. It's a lot harder when you're fighting with yourself instead. Sun Tzu said, "Complete victory is when the army does not fight, the city is not besieged, the destruction does not go long, but in each case the enemy is overcome by strategy." It's not necessary to fight others to be a Warrior.

Cuhulain divides the book into five smaller "books" each focusing on one of the five elements of the pentacle. He discusses tools, techniques, gives examples for you to work through, touches on other belief systems like the Hindu chakras, and he sums up what was discussed and hopefully learned at the end of each chapter, right before his footnotes and a list of sources from which he obtained some of his information. Very well documented, as he draws from a number of different sources.

This is more of a book to work through than Wiccan Warrior was, hence it feels like you've really accomplished something. While I enjoyed Wiccan Warrior, it left me feeling a bit empty afterwards, as though I was being led to believe there was more, but there never was. This book makes up for it! The Book of Shadows part of the title, while far from just handing you a pre-made one that does no one any good, offers hints and guidance for making one that is truly your own. Cuhulain will occasionally discuss something then state, "Write your impressions in your Book of Shadows."

Overall, this is one of the best books I've come across in on my path, and I highly recommend it. I have found it to be indispensibly useful.

Scotia, S. California

Invoke the Power of the Warrior  Witch

"The aim of the Warrior path is ''invincibility, victory without battle, unassailable strength'' through better understanding yourself and your situation."

Incorporate the Warrior archetype into your magickal practice and experience the power of full contact magick. Written by a Wiccan police officer, this no-nonsense guide gives you the foundation for taking control of your destiny.

This potent magickal system explores the correspondences among the five elements, the "Witch''s Pyramid," and the five Magickal Weapons. You will learn how to access your own internal energy and strength to overcome obstacles and problems in your life, and to heal yourself mentally and emotionally. You will discover how to make your magick more effective, instantly access energy (chi) for magickal purposes, and create your own spells and Book of Shadows.

Full Contact Magick shows you how to use the archetypal power of Warrior and Witch to create the life you desire.

First Runner Up for the 2003 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Magic Book


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